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Allure Magazine Readers’ Choice Award...

The below are the picks of readers of Allure Magazine. It’s obvious from reading this list that ya’all really love...

Allure Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards
posted on: May 24, 2011 | author: CityGirlinRedinRedLipstick

Five-Minute Makeup, Seriously!

I know, I know…you probably read the title and said, “Yeah, right!” But unlike a certain bubbly chef’s “30 Minute...

Five-Minute Makeup, Seriously!
posted on: May 9, 2011 | author: CityGirlinRedinRedLipstick

Beauty Alert: Coral + Orange Crush

Recently, corals and oranges have been all the rage for this upcoming spring… Word on the street is that coral is the...

Beauty Alert: Coral + Orange Crush
posted on: Feb 18, 2011 | author: CityGirlinRedinRedLipstick

Beauty Bargains: My Top 5 Drugstore B...

Garnier: I’ve never met a Garnier product I didn’t love. Whether it’s for my hair or my face, this brand knocks it...

Beauty Bargains: My Top 5 Drugstore Brands
posted on: Feb 17, 2011 | author: CityGirlinRedinRedLipstick

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