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Anti-Aging Beauty Mishaps to Avoid

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Anti-Aging Beauty Mishaps to Avoid

Many women try to deter the ominous approach of Father Time by making the below common makeup mistakes:

Too bronze: Youthful skin has a peachy-pink tone that gradually gets more yellow as you age. Some women try to compensate by wearing too-yellow or too-brown bronzer. Instead, use more apricot tones.

Too dark/matte: Dark colors on your eyes, lips and cheeks have a shrinking effect. Matte shadows can make eyes look tired; matte lipsticks cause dry lips. Use light shades in eye shadows and look for lipstick with sheen.

Too powdery: To quote makeup artist Mally Roncal, “Powder is the devil.” It lurks in your fine lines and wrinkles and makes you appear “ghostly and tired.”  Aim for a more natural, dewy look.

Too rigid: Hard lines around eyes and lips make features smaller. Smudge eyeliner slightly, and blend lip liner inward to soften it.

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