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EcoTOOLS Retractable Foundation Brush

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EcoTOOLS Retractable Foundation Brush

I’ve been looking for a foundation brush for, like, ever. Either they were much too big or way too small. Much like a certain porridge-stealer, I could not stop until I found one that was just right. (Only I didn’t break into innocent woodland creatures houses to find it – that’s right, I’m looking at you,  Goldilocks.)

ecoTOOLS Recycled Aluminum Retractable Foundation Brush is the just-right foundation brush for this non-delinquent brunette. The perfect size for both all- over foundation and cover-up (including under-eye circles), this brush is my new favorite makeup tool. Its retractable design allows for easy storage and cleanup. The hairs are heavily tapered to mimic upscale designer brushes – and is all yours for a mere $5.99.

Available at drugstores

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