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French Beauty Secrets Every Woman Should Know

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French Beauty Secrets Every Woman Should Know

French women always manage to look effortlessly pulled together, whether it’s their clothes, makeup or skin.  One of the things I loved the most about Paris were the pharmacies on every street corner.  French women are serious about their skin, learning early the beauty rituals  handed down from mother to daughter.

The top 10 Beauty Secrets every French woman knows for healthy beautiful skin:

  1. A well-balanced diet is essential to healthy skin that radiates from the inside out.
  2. Nutritional supplements such as Fish Oil, Flax oil that help decrease inflammation.
  3. Hydration – drinking plenty of water is the key to youthful looking skin.
  4. Oxygen – Rinsing with cooler water after a bath or shower helps stimulate circulation for glowing skin.
  5. Washing our faces with lukewarm water – washing our skin in hot water dilates blood vessels and stretches our skin.
  6. Exercise – Boosts blood flow, bringing oxygen to the cells, improving our moods, energy levels and overall health.
  7. Sunscreen – Never leave home without sunscreen – using an SPF will help keep skin youthful.
  8. Remove makeup before going to bed, never go to sleep with your makeup on.  It is one of the quickest ways to add years to your skin.
  9. Being gentle when applying skincare or makeup, especially around the delicate eye area or neck.
  10. Have a skincare regimen, practice Prevention, Maitenance and Correction.

Beauty Secrets inspired by Guinot’s Youth Recovery Program

Advanced Beauty Care
319 A Primrose Road
Burlingame, CA 94010
650-343-5716 ask for Sarah Jane

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