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Beauty Splurge: Long-Lasting Volume w/ Lea Journo

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Beauty Splurge: Long-Lasting Volume w/ Lea Journo

Lea Journo owns the hippest hair salon in Beverly Hills,  and can boast of a celebrity clientele that includes Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Kate Bosworth and Britney Spears to name a few.

Lea Journo is known as the Parisian Dynamo of Haircare – and with good reason.
I recently tested POUF Volumizing Spray and I was more than impressed.
Several months ago I received the best haircut of my life (at Salon Yuni on California Street) and my hair has grown out so beautifully that I have not had to go back for a haircut, which is long overdue.
Just as I was getting ready to make my appointment this miracle volumizing spray fell into my lap.  I naturally have a flat crown and require a special haircut.  I suffer from flat head syndrome.  Sometimes there is no amount of hair product in the world that will help my fine, thin hair when I’m in a need of a haircut.
If you suffer from flat head syndrome, or just have fine and thin hair then your going to love POUF VOLUMIZING SPRAY from Lea Journo –  it gets to the root and provides long-lasting beautiful, gorgeous volume! The Unique antioxidant ingredients aid in protecting your gorgeous, luxurious hair from the harmful rays of the sun.
685 Market Street
San Francisco, CA  94105

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