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Beauty Tip: No Lipstick Stains

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Beauty Tip: No Lipstick Stains

I loved the article that was recently published by Into The Gloss – (The Top Shelf) featuring Lauren Santo Domingo. I feasted on the pictures of her dressing table, I’m a beauty product junkie and I’m always curious as to the beauty products women are using.

My favorite question to ask women is what their favorite shade of Red Lipstick is – and I’m thrilled that Lauren Santo Domingo is a fan of my favorite color.

I agree that lipstick stains on coffee cups, utensils and boyfriends/husbands/lovers are not acceptable – actually they’re vulgar. Reading the interview with Lauren made me remember my Lipstick application skills, and I’m going to share them with you.

I was 16 when I started wearing Red Lipstick, this was during the same time that my parents allowed me to start dating. I innately knew that Red Lipstick and eating required a very special set of skills. Practicing eating in front of a mirror seemed like the only solution, and ladies I mastered the art of dining while wearing the Siren Song of Colors.

All of my dates, friends and boyfriends were impressed that my lipstick stayed on during meals. If you haven’t tried lipstains yet then you’re going to want to continue reading……

  1. When taking bites of food never let your lips touch the utensil or meal – always use your teeth.
  2. Always order food you can cut in small pieces.
  3. Use a lip pencil to lip line and fill in – apply lipstick and blot. (filling in with the lip pencil builds long-lasting color)
  4. Lick your lips before taking a sip of your favorite beverage.

Practicing in the front of a mirror helped me monitor my motions, creating a graceful, effortless effect.

My Red Lipstick stayed on throughout the day, the color faded slowly and I only re-applied on date night. My technique may seem out dated with the new modern formulations of lipstick – there are glosses, glazes, tints, stains, mattes, shimmers and the list goes on.

I’m currently addicted to lipstains. Lipstains are the best, because they last all day, they are a one step application; they don’t leave lip prints on coffee cups and my favorite reason of all – they stay put during 4 hours of passionate kissing! Who said testing lip products wasn’t fun?


Two of my favorite Lipstains are Lip Fixation by jane iredale in Rapture and all of the reds by Maybelline’s New SuperStay 24 2-step hour color – I have all of them.

Say No to Lipstick Stains!

Image Courtesy of Google Images

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