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Botox in a Tube – Dr. Brandt

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Botox in a Tube – Dr. Brandt

Using Dr. Brandt skincare products is like taking the doctor home with youDr. Brandt creates skincare collections for all skin types – for those of us fighting acne, premature aging or using age-appropriate skincare.

Skincare has come a long way from basics to fillers, injections etc.  What is a girl to do when she wants to try botox but her budget won’t allow it or the fear associated with botox prevents us from using it? The solution lines no more* for lips by Dr. Brandt.

lines no more* for lips by Dr. Brandt fills and decreases the depth of those nasty vertical lines while leaving the lips naturally fuller, plumper and a more defined lip contour.

Lips are moisturized, smoother and more youthful. Using lines no more* also extends the color of lipstick,  lasting throughout afternoon coffee.

lines no more* by Dr. Brandt is a great alternative to botox and its Citygirl approved!



33 Powell Street

San Francisco, CA 94108 or @Dr.Brandt

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Brandt

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