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Disco Inspired Makeup

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Disco Inspired Makeup

I don’t know if it’s because I’m listening to a lot of seventies music lately, but I am digging the disco look. I have always said that I was born in the wrong decade – I would have totally rocked the seventies. Not so much the hairy-chested, mustachioed medallion look – the seventies weren’t very nice to men, were they? – but the hip-hugger, false-eyelashed, glittery part of it? Groovy, baby.

First, choose your color palette. Do you want a metallic look, such as silver or gold? Or do you want color, such as a purple or blue palette? Whatever you decide, first apply an eye primer, such as Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, $20 (available at Sephora). Your eye shadow won’t go anywhere.

The key to disco inspired makeup is, of course, glitter. The key to applying glitter so it doesn’t rub off is to first apply lip gloss to the area above your eye crease. (You don’t want to have glitter on the part of your lid that moves, it will fall off and get in your eye. Party downer, man.)

Another tip for glitter is to grab a baby wipe (stay with me, girls) and hold it under your eye to catch glitter fallout as you apply it.

Now for the tricky part. Trickier than glitter fallout, you ask? Oh, yes: Applying false eyelashes. But never fear, my disco goddesses – YouTube to the rescue! This super-cute girl will walk you through it – seriously, how cute is she?!?


Since your eyes are so sparkly, go somewhat neutral on your lips. Go just a little darker than your lip color, then add gloss.

Now, go on with your bad self!

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