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Leaving a Dull Complexion Behind

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Leaving a Dull Complexion Behind

Elemis Skincare has a variety of skincare collections for all skin types. I admit it, I’m obsessed with turning back the clock, even if it’s only by a few minutes. Getting older my skincare concerns turned to skin resurfacing and a more even skin tone. Elemis Skincare makes it possible to achieve Prevention, Maintenance and Correction.

Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash is an anti-aging cleanser that safely and effectively removes dead surface skin leaving behind a refined, smoother, radiant and more youthful complexion. Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash aids in skin stimulation for optimal cell renewal. I love having smoother, softer skin. I noticed that my pores were minimized, and that my skin took on a radiant healthy glow. Isn’t it time to leave the dull complexion behind?

Elemis is Citygirl approved!


Nordstrom 865
Market Street
San Francisco, CA

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