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For the Beauty of Your Skin – Valmont – A New Kind of Skincare

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For the Beauty of Your Skin – Valmont – A New Kind of Skincare

I love finding new beauty products, especially hard to find brands like Valmont.  The first time I heard of Valmont, I was going through the Edel Weiss Magazine  online during one of my internet searches.  The second time I was visiting the Spa at Nordstrom and there it was sitting on the shelves.

The opportunity presented itself for me to test a few  products, normally I won’t test a complete skincare collection for 3 to 5 days at a time – unless the directions call for it.  Valmont is special, and I couldn’t resist.

Valmont skincare is only available through the finest Spas in the world – and the fact that it’s available in San Francisco is a big deal – The Valmont Spas are exclusive, with only 6 Spas in the world – it is a skincare collection for people who are serious about the beauty and health of their skin.

A few of my favorite pieces are the Purifying Pack – helps keep skin clean and clear of acne, the Lip Repair – naturally plumps up lips, hydrates and leaves them soft and kissable, and the Elixir Des Glaciers Vos Yeux – an eye cream that absorbs easily into the skin, restoring youth and beauty to tired eyes.

To get your beauty fix, Nordstrom Spa offers Valmont facials, and take home product for at home care –

Valmont offers a wide selection of skincare, for all skin types, including haircare.

Visit the Spa at Nordstrom for an introduction into the world of Valmont.

Valmont – Skincare essentials for beautiful skin and Citygirl recommended.

Spa Nordstrom

865 Market Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 977-5102 ask for Catherine Kong

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