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New PrimeResults by Fusion

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New PrimeResults by Fusion
Finding a primer that corrects the skin from previous night activities is like finding the ultimate cure for a hangover.  I spent the night before screaming like a groupie at a Linkin Park concert and was going on 5 hours of sleep.  My skin took the toll and needed an instant beauty boost.  My skin was saved by Fusion Beauty and their collection of New PrimeResults – a collection of Primers that are infused with multi-tasking color formulations that provide the skin with advanced skincare technology.
The colors are corrective and address all skincare concerns and issues.  My skin was smoother, pores were minimized and I didn’t look like I was up all night screaming like an adolescent teenager.
Anti-Redness  Primer– Extra gentle formula calms reactive skin and soothes irritation. Ultra-soothing peptides and mineral-rich algae protect against skin stressors that trigger redness and irritation.

ACNE CONTROL PRIMER – Contains Salicylic Acid and works to reduce acne-causing bacteria, absorb and control sebum and minimize pores

BRIGHTENING PRIMER – Chromabright™ and Licorice combat photo-aging and UV damage for a better complexion in 30 days. Brightening ingredients improve skin radiance, minimize skin discoloration and dullness. (My favorite)

ANTI-WRINKLE PRIMER – Powerful active ingredients like Matriyxl 3000™ dramatically reduces look of deep wrinkles and improves skin firmness and elasticity over time. Formula hydrates for greater skin elasticity and firmness over time.

PrimeResults by Fusion are Citygirl approved!



33 Powell Street

San Francisco, CA  94102

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