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Condioner with Quinine by Klorane

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Condioner with Quinine by Klorane
I’m compelled to wash my fine thin hair on a daily basis and need hair care products that are gently and effective.
Age also plays a role in thinning hair for women, as well as pregnancy.  If you suffer from fine or thinning hair – then Klorane is for you.
I discovered  another great piece of hair care from Klorane, a conditioner with quinine and B vitamins that promotes hair growth while strengthening fine thin and weak hair.
This amazing conditioner helps restore lifeless hair to vitality, detangles and leaves your hair energized, healthy and strong.
On the plus side this conditioner also compliments any hair loss treatments that are prescribed by a dermatologist.  There is no need to compromise, you can have healthy happy hair with Klorane!
Klorane is Citygirl approved!
Available at Sephora or @Klorane

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