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New Shampoo with Quinine by Klorane

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New Shampoo with Quinine by Klorane

Do you suffer from thinning lifeless hair? Or is your hair just fine and thin?   Either way there is a solution if you’re anything  like me and are compelled to wash your hair on a daily basis.

Klorane created a New Shampoo with Quinine and B Vitamins that invigorates and helps strengthen the hair while improving natural hair growth.  It’s like Skincare for your hair, it promotes a healthy scalp.

*Quinine is extracted from the bark of the Cinchona tree, the only natural source located at the Ecuador that has proven strengthening properties.*

The B6/B5 vitamins help control sebum production and promote hair growth – leaving each strand hydrated and protected against breakage.

I loved that after shampooing my hair was soft, and tangle free.  Restoring thin lifeless hair is healthy with Klorane.


Klorane gets a TEN!

Available at Sephora

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