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Beauty Splurge – Encouraging Beautiful Hair with Leonor Greyl

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Beauty Splurge – Encouraging Beautiful Hair with Leonor Greyl

Women suffer from hair loss for various reasons, usually it’s an overall thinning that’s caused by age, stress and pregnancy. Our bodies change as we get older, and vitamins are essential.

I suffer from Alopeccia Areate, caused by internal stress.  I visit my dermatologist Dr. Burns when my hair stylist or colorist mention spots of thinning hair.  I’m lucky I experience Alopeccia Areate underneath my hair, so it’s less noticeable. However I’m constantly looking for organic remedies.

I read that women need to take biotin and iron supplements, which I started doing.  I’ve seen improvements since I began taking vitamins, but my hair is still thin and fine.  I’m vain about my hair and I’ll try any piece of hair product that holds the promise of volumizing my hair and correcting my hair condition.

Encouraging Beautiful hair with Leonor Greyl’s Regenerescence Naturelle is a delight!  It’s a hair elixir that can be applied to wet or dry hair. I’ve used it in my dry hair five minutes before my shower.  The results are softer, more manageable hair.

The botanicals, rich amino acids and proteins hydrate, strengthen, purify and stimulate the scalp, promoting hair growth.  You’re also going to love the immediate shine and boost of beauty!

Regenerescence Naturelle by Leonor Greyl is Citygirl approved!

Telephone: 415-674-4366

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