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Lip Candy – Hugo Naturals Lip Balm

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Lip Candy – Hugo Naturals Lip Balm

I love candy, too bad my waistline and dentist wish I’d stay away from it.  Now I can indulge without the guilt, Lip Candy in a tube?

Yes! Hugo Naturals Lip Balm is like candy for your lips but without the ingredients that make it bad for you and your skin.

The vanilla & sweet orange scent is like eating your favorite tropical paradise treat – and your lips are going to thank you.

Lip Balms by Hugo Naturals are rich in essential oils, jojoba, shea butter and coconut oils for ultra hydration – lips stay moist, soft and kissable.

I’m obsessed, I can’t stop slathering on my new lip balm, or opening the tube to inhale in the sweet-smelling scent of candy.

Available in three flavors:

Vanilla & Sweet Orange

Pineapple & Coconut


a beauty steal at $3.49

Lip Balms by Hugo Naturals are Citygirl approved!

Whole Foods

1765 California St

San Francisco, CA

(415) 674-0500

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