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Spring Scent: Lychee Flower by MOR Cosmetics

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Spring Scent: Lychee Flower by MOR Cosmetics

When temps start to climb and everything thaws out, I usually ratchet down the heavier scents I wear in the winter to something lighter and more appropriate for spring.

Recently, I happened upon a little gem of a perfume in one of my favorite novelty gift shops. I instantly gravitated towards the MOR Cosmetics tower of goodies because:

1.  I’ve never heard of MOR’s Cosmetics and I was curious (Mor’s hails from Australia… the brainchild of designers Dianna Burmas and Deon St. Mor).

2.  And, their line of bath and body products were so beautifully packaged and they offered a variety of intriguing scents.

Well, Lychee Flower Perfume Oil was all of that and light, flirty, and feminine without being obtrusive and strong.    Usually I dwell, letting a new scent linger on my skin for a while to give it time to mellow and see if it’s a winner.  This scent was love at first smell…smitten!  And the scent did mellow out fabulously, too.

MOR Cosmetic describes Lychee Flower as:

Sparkling sweet lychee flowers united with ripe Berries, soft powdery Florals and the slightest hint of Green Forest Woods.

Nice, right? And it contains Vitamin E and Macadamia and Almond oil to keep skin soft and supple.

Plain and simple, it’s so lovely, I’ll be toting this around wherever I go (note: perfect purse-size).   I can’t wait to try the rest of their product line!

Available at (or go to the website’s contact page to request store locator information)


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