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Natural Beauty

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Natural Beauty

Every year, People magazine comes out with their Most Beautiful issue. And one of my favorite features of this issue is the photo sessions of truly gorgeous women without makeup. It’s just nice to see that everything in Hollywood is not faked. Between Photoshop and Spanx – both very good inventions, by the way – it’s hard nowadays to separate illusion from reality. Although I was irritated to see some of the stars featured were barely in their 20’s (even I never wore makeup when I was that age – except for occasional breakouts, you don’t “need” makeup when your skin is at its peak!) there were definitely some women in their 30’s and 40’s who looked fabulous without their “armor.” And bravo to them, I say. That takes some guts – and good lighting helps, too.

Some beauty tips from these beautiful ladies:

Joy Bryant, 36, Parenthood Actress: She has simplified her skin-care regime as she’s grown older. She will always use concealer and blush, and likes to have a curled lash and mascara. She says if she’s “getting fancy,” she will do a little bit of smudgy eyeliner. Her beauty tip: Put lip balm on you eyelids, it gives them a shiny pop. It can also give your cheeks a little sheen.

Anne Heche, 41, star of HBO’s Hung: She only wears makeup when she’s working, and always cleans her skin and wears sunblock. Her tongue-in-cheek beauty tip? Hide behind a big hat and sunglasses.

Maggie Q, 31, star of CW’s Nikita: She uses lipstick that she can wear also on her cheeks and eyes. Her beauty rule: She plays up either her eyes or lips, never both.

Angie Harmon, 38, star of TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles: She says she always wears mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss. Her beauty advice: Don’t skimp on moisturizer. She jokes that as she gets older, “I’m going though a jar a night!”

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

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