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Younger Looking Skin: Bio-Serum by Neocutis

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Younger Looking Skin: Bio-Serum by Neocutis

I recently had the luxury of testing Bio-Serum by Neocutis a San Francisco based skincare company.  Getting older I’ve  started to see the passage of time on my skin.  I was on a mission to reverse the signs of age, it’s important to use aga-appropriate skincare.

Bio-Serum is an intensive stimulating serum with PSP that restores the appearance of youthful skin by plumping up the skin with Hyaluronic Acid.

Bio-Serum refined the look of my facial contours while lessening the appearance of wrinkles and creating firmer skin.  Bio-Serum by Neocutis gave me back radiant, more youthful looking skin, I literally look younger!

You can order this amazing Bio-Serum as a 7 to 14 day full facial treatment and its also available in a portable pen for stubborn lines and wrinkles.  It’s my go-to when my skin needs a boost of youth!

BioSerum by Neocutis is Citygirl approved!

Dr. Vic Narukar

Laser Institute

2100 Webster #505

San Francisco, CA 94115


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