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Parisian Beauty Week – September 12th-14th

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Parisian Beauty Week – September 12th-14th

It’s no mistake  Parisian’s take beauty seriously and have a pharmacy on every street corner, like starbucks here in the states.  Their Pharmacies are different from ours – walking into a Parisian pharmacy is a beauty junkies dream come true.  One will find the walls stocked with brands ranging from Chanel, Dior, Avene , Le Peau and brands only available in Europe.

During the Week of September 12th-14th the city of Paris plays host to beauty, featuring brands from all over the world and presenting awards to the best of the best in beauty.

New brands that haven’t even reached the states yet are too many to list but here are a few: Nippon Shikizai, Secos, and Cosmax.

There will be demonstrations from European Spas, hosting mini seminars on the latest skincare and bodycare innovations that help restore the skin, reversing the signs of age.

For more information visit Beyond Beauty Paris 2011.



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