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Reversing the Signs of Premature Age – Babor

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Reversing the Signs of Premature Age – Babor

Babor is bringing the body and soul into perfect harmony by infusing the skin with the best herbal treatments available from across the globe.

HSR® de Luxe is a powerful anti-aging skincare collection that corrects the signs of aging skin, by stabilizing the chromosomes that are essential for everyday cell renewal.  HSR® de Luxe get’s to the core of aging skin, turning back the clock for a firmer more radiant you.

I remember before I began my journey into the world of skincare how my skin looked, I was starting to look my age and that scared me into using age appropriate skincare.  Babor is age appropriate and it delivers more youthful looking skin on contact.

*The Ultimate Anti-aging Cream:

Aloe vera –  provides moisture and hydration.

hyaluronic acid –  binds moisture to the skin.

Natural oils – macadamia nut oil, almond oil and avocado oil as well as panthenol care for skin, making it supple and smooth.

The effective “radical catcher” vitamin E completes the active ingredient crew.

HSR® Lifting Integral Complex, HSR® Telovitin and black pearl essence.

*The Ultimate Anti-aging Serum:

HSR® on the skin and has an especially long-lasting effect. The serum can be used as a sole treatment for sensitive combination skin or oily skin.

Aloe vera – Calms and soothes the skin.

Squalane strengthens protective skin barriers, while almond oil and panthenol care for skin, making it supple and smooth. Vitamin E, an effective “radical catcher” completes the composition of active ingredients.

HSR® Lifting Integral Complex; HSR® Telovitin and black pearl essence.

I love how the serum and anti-aging cream quickly absorbed into my skin, leaving it smooth, supple and noticeably firmer.  My pores were minimized and my skin continues to glow.

Clinical studies prove that the HSR® maintains, preserves and enhances the beauty of almost  every type of skin – what does this mean? It means that if you need correctional services or treatments seeking the help of a professional is recommended for optimal results.

It’s no doubt that I’m a huge skincare junkie, My findings? The best skincare is clinically tested and works overnight to heal and repair your skin, you can count on Babor to reverse the signs of age and to help maintain healthy beautiful skin.

Are you ready for a rosier, firmer and fresher complexion?

HSR® de Luxe is a Citygirl favorite!



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