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Skin Zyme by Jan Marini

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Skin Zyme by Jan Marini

One of my favorite pieces of skincare is Skin Zyme by Jan Marini. It’s the perfect at home exfoliation product that gently removes dead surface skin, and it’s ideal for sensitive or irritated skin.

I love that it aids in skin resurfacing, and promotes skin rejuvenation. I use it often and have noticed that skin zyme helps with adult acne and diminishes hyperpigmentation scars.

Skin Zyme Improves the appearance of photo damaged skin, almost instantly shows visible signs of clarity and creates smooth and luminous skin – I love being able to leave my house on my non-work days without wearing makeup.

Getting out of the house on weekends is a priority and having clear, healthy skin is essential and Skin Zyme helps make it possible!

Skin Zyme by Jan Marini is Citygirl approved!


Dawn Patrice Skincare Studio

870 Market Street, Suite 1188

San Francisco, CA 94102


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