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The Perfect Face

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The Perfect Face

Have you ever wondered how celebrities prep their skin before Red Carpet events? I have and there are a few basic principles that we need to follow in order to put our best face forward, because everyday is a Red Carpet moment.

Even if you don’t wear full blown makeup, we  still need to look polished and put together.

The icing on the cake is the eye shadow, blush, mascara, eye liner and lipstick.  This is just a quick guide to a perfect natural & flawless canvas that gives the illusion of no makeup.

1. Exfoliate – Using a facial scrub often removes surface impurities and leaves the skin naturally luminous.

2. Hydrate/Moisturize -Keeps the skin fresh and glowing.

3.  Primer – A pore and wrinkle filler that leaves the skin smooth.

4. Foundation – Protection against the environment, gives the skin a touch of color.

5. Concealer – Hides trouble spots  i.e under eye circles, dark shadows and hyperpigmentation scars.

6. Highlighter – Illuminates our facial features – adds a touch of brightness creating a wide awake appearance.

Curling your eyelashes is as important as using all of the above – adding a touch of lip gloss gives the finishing touch to a perfect face.  And please don’t forget that at least two of the above mentioned products should contain your SPF.

Let’s face it, everyone looks prettier with a little makeup.

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