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Retinol-X An Alternative to Botox

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Retinol-X An Alternative to Botox

Lot’s of women contemplate getting botox while others wonder what type of skincare they should be using after their visit to the dermatologist.

If you’ve thought about botox and refuse to subject yourself to facial injections never fear Retinol-X  is an alternative to botox, and the perfect regimen for happily botox-ever-after.

Retinol-X reverses the signs of aging skin in as little as 15 days, and when used for long durations of time you’re skin is just marvelous.  The formula consists of quality ingredients that leave the skin rested and renewed.

Key Ingredients:

Retinol Palmitate

Collagen Boosters

Lipoamino Acids

Antioxidant Amino Acids

Algae Extracts

Vitamin E

During your first application you will instantly notice  smoother, firmer and plumper looking skin.  The short-term effects are a boost of collagen and intense hydration from the inside-out, the long-term  effects are that  you get to turn back the clock on father time.

The pieces are sold individually or you can start the age reversal process with the 30 day starter kit.

I especially loved the instant gratification, I immediately saw the texture of my skin improve, if that were possible.

1. CLEANSE: Anti-Aging Gel Cleanser 2 fl. oz (60ml)
Foaming gel cleanser removes makeup and other impurities
trapped in your pores.
2. REPAIR: Anti-Aging Eye Lift .25 fl. oz (7.5ml)
Retinol and Peptide formula targets and restores the delicate
eye-area tissue.
1. RESTORE: Anti-Aging Gel Moisturizer Net Wt. 0.70 oz (20g)
Retinol-rich formula hydrates skin deep down into the dermis.







Retinol-X is a skincare collection that delivers gorgeous skin and a Citygirl favorite.

Starter Kit: $25

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