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Beauty Splurge: Form-A-Brow Kit by Senna Cosmetics

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Beauty Splurge: Form-A-Brow Kit by Senna Cosmetics

Lately, I’ve been growing out my ever slow-growing eyebrows in the midst of a full-blown, full-brow revolution these days.

Let me just say this:  Thank goodness for long bangs and thank goodness for Form-A-Brow Kit by Senna Cosmetics!

Desperate to fill in my wonky brows, I visited different drugstores to find a quick fix and give the illusion of fuller, more shapely brows to no avail.

Lucky for me, Senna Cosmetic’s Form-A-Brow Kit fell into my hands…Folks, it doesn’t get any simpler or easier than this!

I used the neutral kit which includes three shades of brow powder to mix  and find the perfect shade (Hello… Genius!), stencils in different shapes and fullnesses (hence the simple and easy), instructions, a mini-brow brush for application and another for grooming your eyebrows into place.

My brows are now happy campers:  natural looking and fuller without the paint-by-numbers look.  There are certain things that I think truly deserve splurging…haircuts, good shoes, education, appliances, flowers, art and a good brow kit.  Seriously, never underestimate what the power of a well-groomed eyebrow can do for your face!

A bonus: Its portable, sleek gold case easily fits in your purse and sports a huge mirror inside.

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