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Hy-performance Mascara by beingTrue

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Hy-performance Mascara by beingTrue

I remember reading once of a memory that Sean Hepburn Ferrer had of his mother, legendary beauty and style icon, Audrey Hepburn.  He recalled Audrey’s beloved makeup artist, Alberto de Rossi separating each of her lashes with a safety-pin after applying mascara.  After reading this I tried it …It worked like a charm!  Do I endorse it?  No.  Do I know I can poke my eye out?  Yes.   And yes, I know they make perfectly crafted tools for separating lashes.

But, wait…What if I didn’t need the lash comb (or safety-pin) after all?

After trying out Hy-Performance Mascara by beingTrue, it was like having an epiphany.  Mascara that lengthened my short lashes?  Check.  No smudging, clumping or flaking after wearing it all day long?  Check.  And a mascara that stays put in humidity?  Bonus.

But the real selling point for me was the nifty little Hytrel brush designed specifically for separating lashes, which worked beautifully not only with the initial coat, but even two coats thereafter.  Not only were my lashes separated, but they felt longer and the obsidian shade (a dark black) made my eyes feel flirtier and brighter.

beingTrue got the design and formula for Hy-performance Mascara spot on perfect!  As for my safety-pin…it’s back to pinning.

Available at beingTrue Cosmetics, $22

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