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3 Must-Have Products to Help you Glow this Summer

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3 Must-Have Products to Help you Glow this Summer

I know that it is only May, but if you are anything like me you are already looking at your pale, winter skin in absolute horror, well aware that in less than a month you will have to bare it all in a skimpy 2-piece.  Well fear no more!  Rodial has created 3 products that will eliminate your fear of donning a bathing suit for good.

Get your glow on with Brazilian Tan Dark Tinted Super Strength Self-Tanning Gel for face and body. Winter has no doubt left your skin in desperate need of some sunshine.  Since going outside to bask in the sun is out of the question thanks to dangerous UV rays, the only choice left is to give your skin a healthy glow using self tanner.  Unfortunately, a good self tanner is kinda tough to come by.  Most formulas leave you streaky or orange, not to mention that awful tell-tale smell!  Well your search for the perfect bronzing gel can finally end here.  This gel has almost no odor, dries quickly, softens and conditions skin, and gives you an instant tint. Plus the formula contains Caramel, which provides you with an instant bronze, Shea Butter to moisturize, Coconut Oil to condition and prevent moisture loss, and Monoi de Tahiti, which enhances your glow.  What is even better is the gel helps to tighten and firm the skin while leaving your sun-kissed for up to 10 days!

Meet the biggest triple threat in tanning history: Skinny Beach SPF 15 Tinted. Now that your skin is glowing from using Brazilian Tan Dark,  it is time to hit the beach.  This sun protection lotion not only gives you the SPF you need to prevent burns and aging, but it also features tan-boosting peptides to enhance your tan, slimming actives to reduce cellulite, and (as if that isn’t enough!) it gives you an instant tint. Talk about a triple threat!  Let’s be honest, is there anything else you could ask for in an SPF?  I think not!

Extend the life of your tan with Brazilian Tan Daily Gradual Tan Moisturizer for face and body. Alright, so you already got your tan on, but now you want to extend it’s life.  This task is a piece of cake thanks to this moisturizing lotion.  Courtesy of  it’s yummy coconut scent, you will be launched back into a tropical oasis with every use.  Not only does this lotion moisturize and condition your skin, it also creates a gradual tan so that you can enhance the tan you already have and maintain it well beyond your trip to the beach.

Well there you have it, ladies…3 must-have products that will leave your skin healthy and glowing just in time for bathing suit season. See I told you your fear of bikinis would be gone by the end of this article!

Check out for more information about each product and to purchase them.

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