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Trends to Drop for Spring/Summer 2011

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Trends to Drop for Spring/Summer 2011

Looking at the pictures of the hoopla surrounding The Royal Wedding, I most enjoyed the pictures by Rimmel London. Throughout the day they posted pictures of random London ladies enjoying their day off and having great fun toasting the royal couple. I was also struck by how trendy and adorable London women are! So in honor of our sisters across the pond, here are some upcoming beauty trends to drop from the fall/winter season, and which spring/summer trends to pick up, courtesy of the UK edition of Vogue:


Tawny, earth-toned blush, eye and lip colors.

Deep berry lip shades.

Heavily kohl-rimmed eyes.

Grungy, “wet hair” look

Understated, minimalist skin

Squoval (square and oval) nail shapes painted in dark colors with a matte finish.

Defiantly bushy brows

Straight, sleek pony tail

Swap for:

A sun-kissed Seventies glow

Perfectly painted red lips.

Bright pastel eyeshadow colors with a chalky finish

Blown-out, seventies natural frizz

Natural, glowing skin

Perfectly manicured, loval (long and oval) nail shapes lacquered in an eye-popping color.

Stong but groomed brows

Soft, feminine hair rolls with a carefree, flyaway texture.

Photo Courtesy of Rimmel London

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