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Talika Eye Detox Contour Gel

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Talika Eye Detox Contour Gel

At first glance, it’s easy to be underwhelmed by this little eye gel pen. Since it was very unassuming in its appearance, I began using the Talika Eye Detox Contour Gel every morning with little enthusiasm.

Because even when I get my full eight hours (which happens maybe once a week) I still have under eye bags and dark circles. But after using it for almost two weeks I look at this eye pen with a little more respect – my “eye baggage” is significantly less hefty.

Then I read up on the product (which I probably should have done before using it, but whatever):

“Independent clinical tests made at Hospital Pitie-Salpêtrière in Paris have proven that after 28 days of daily use, dark rings are reduced by up to 85% and eye bags by up to 100%.” (from

Say what? Those are some high percentages. But after seeing the change in my appearance after two weeks, my usual “Yeah right!” at such claims doesn’t quite fit.

All I know is for once I actually look awake. So…one might say this little eye gel pen is mightier than the sword? (Like, surgery? Get it?  Never mind.)

Available at

$45  for .063 oz

$58 for .17 oz

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