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Makeup Tips with Joseph Perez of Benefit Cosmetics

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Makeup Tips with Joseph Perez of Benefit Cosmetics
If you’ve looked at Benefit Cosmetic’s catalog recently or if you’ve wandered into the various Benefit Cosmetic locations chances are you’ve met Joseph Perez – Benefit’s leading man.
Joseph is the go-to-guy when celebrity clients are in town, and has traveled to countless award shows to help behind the scenes.
I’m fortunate that Joseph is a friend of mine, and when I have a beauty question he is always available to lend his expertise.
Anita: As a makeup artist, how do you feel about women and Red Lipstick?
Joseph: I feel that most women can wear red lipstick, it’s about knowing how to find the right shade for any occasion.  Red lips are a powerful statement….they show confidence, strength and classic femininity.
Anita: What is the best way to determine which shade works best with a person’s skin tone?
Joseph: You should always recognize what hues can work with your undertones.  If you are considered a “cool”, you will look great in blue red’s……..for a “warm skin tone” you will look best in Orange-Brick red’s.  How you determine your skin tone is based on the underlying colors of the skin.
Anita: What is a True Red?
Joseph: A True Red means how the color holds it’s tone on any skin tone, it is perfectly balanced and has a balance of cool and warm tones.
Anita: Any advice for women or teens wearing makeup for the first time?
Joseph: My advice to anyone whom is starting to wear makeup for the first time is to take it slow, understand what the goal of what you are trying to accomplish, enhance who you are, and ask yourself in the mirror…..Do I look better than I did?

Anita: What is a Classic Red?
Joseph: A Classic Red makes me think of early screen sirens wearing a fully pigmented matte finish, brighter than the true red version.
Anita: How does a woman tell Red Lipsticks apart? I am often confused with all the choices.
Joseph: One of the best ways to find out what color is actually going to look like, is to try it on your lips. You can find out how color wears vs. your undertones by trying it on the back of your hands.  The skin on the hand is much different from the texture and skin of the lips.
Try it on!  There is definitely a color wheel, but not everyone knows about it or how to use it.  There are 3 basic primary colors and there opposites  Red to green, Blue to Orange, Yellow to Purple.  When you understand how to compliment with opposing color is when you really understand how to compliment who you are.  For example, If someone has blue eyes, you can enhance color by using an orange/peachy based shadow….green eyes would probably look best with color’s that have a red purple’s eggplant’s, plum’s and the reason I say that is because you probably would not want to put on red liner, shadow or Mascara near the eye area.
Someone with lot’s of yellow undertones on their skin will probably look best in ??????  Purple hues, this by any means is not the only thing that the person could wear but it becomes a guideline for how to choose color.
Anita: What beauty tricks can you share with the average working woman who only has 5 minutes in the morning to devote to makeup?
Joseph: Alway’s have a system! Start with Skin- Exfoliate face in Shower (it will save you some time), so your skin is fresh and ready for moisture absorption.  (1 minute) Apply Moisturizer and Eye cream with Benefit’s cutting edge Brightening skincare.  (1 minute) Even out your skin tone with a light foundation and under eye concealor (Benefit’s “some kind of gorgeous”, and “Erase paste”) (1 minute) Enhance your feature’s -Brow’s and Mascara with Benefit’s “Brow Zing’s and Bad gal lash full lash loader!” (1 minute) Brighten complexion with Perk me up PowderDandelion or Bella Bamba 3D Blush”, depending on skin tone.  Complete your last step by enhancing your lip’s color, you can use something as simple as a colored lip balm ( Benefit’s Benetint lip balm ) which will not only  give you a burst of fresh color, but will provide moisture and did I mention a little SPF 15.
Anita: What are Benefit’s famous Reds?
Joseph: Benefit’s famous Red lipsticks or tones are:  “Flirt Alert” ( full finish warm red tone)  “Frenched” ( A sheer blue red tone), “Wild Card” ( a warm deep brick-red ) and of course ” Benetint Pocket Pal”, sheer red stain with clear gloss to give that natural red carpet look!
Anita: What is your signature style in approach to makeup?
Joseph: My signature style when approaching make up is finding facial balance, everyone has opportunities.  Also, less is more, enhance who you are don’t change it.
Anita: If a woman was looking to change-up her makeup routine, what Benefit products would you recommend?
Joseph: I have one thing to say when I hear that a woman want’s to change her pallet………Everything you do to your face should make sense, whether it’s making small eyes look larger, defining your lash line with liner to make lashes look fuller.  Don’t just wear make up because someone else does, or because someone told you to.  Enhance who you are individually and remember that makeup is like clothes, you wouldn’t wear one outfit all the time would you? So why would you do the same thing to your face everyday?
Anita: Thank you Joseph and as usual I’ve picked up some great makeup tips!
For a one on one consultation with Joseph drop by the Benefit on Fillmore Street.
2117 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

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