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Blemishes no more* w/ Dr. Brandt

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Blemishes no more* w/ Dr. Brandt
Beauty Reveiw

I’m like most women, I tend to experience acne during that time of the month.  I mask and cleanse  and still it’s not enough to prevent the acne breakouts around my jaw line and chin.
I’m vain and now that I write a beauty blog am under pressure to have great skin.  What products do I use?  I incorporate Dr. Brandt into my skincare routine.
Recently I’ve been using New blemishes no more cleansing pads by Dr. Brandt and they have made a huge difference in my acne prevention!
The cleansing pads are not harsh or abrasive, and they leave my skin clean!  I admit I’m lazy and don’t always use toner – the cleansing pads are formulated with Dr. Brandt’s technologically advanced blemish fighting complex – Active Impurity Shield.  The pads absorbed and regulated my excess sebum, without drying out my skin!
I experienced a reduction in acne breakouts – and my skin was left clean, clear and PH Balanced. Dr. Brandt for  healthy skin, isn’t it time you brought the Doctor home with you?
New Pores no more cleansing pads by Dr. Brandt are Citygirl approved!
Available at Sephora

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