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Blow Dryers are Not All Created Equal – Sam Villa

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Blow Dryers are Not All Created Equal – Sam Villa

They say that ignorance is bliss,  not in all cases, especially when it comes to choosing the right haircare tools – blow dryers in particular.

I was content for a long-time using my $20 Walgreens blow dryer until I heard of Sam Villa.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Sam Villa, he’s Redken’s Education Artistic Director – basically what Sam knows will prevent damage and preserve your precious tresses.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Redken, with good reason.  Redken recently re-formulated all of their haircare products, and I admit, years ago I had damaged my hair beyond repair and nothing I used worked, including Redken.  What has changed? I stopped dying my hair with boxed hair dye, get haircuts and trims often and continue to use heavy-duty haircare masks.

Finally years later I have healthy hair, I still suffer with fine and thinning hair, but what I have is healthy and what hair loss I’ve had is growing back with the help of my dermatologist and Intra Force by Redken.

Back to Sam and his E-T-C Light Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

Did you know that the haircare tools you use make a huge difference in the health of your hair? It’s not just about curling irons of straightening irons, but blow dryers too.

The Benefits:


Incredible lightweight design – at less than 1 pound, reduces muscle strain; Comfort handle for all day use.


Patented Evolution-Turbo Compressor Technology delivers intense power with quiet airflow resulting in accelerated drying time.


Built-In Ceramic / Tourmaline Ion Generation creates shine while reducing static and frizz, resulting in smooth, shiny finishes.


2 Rotating Nozzles – 1 wide to expand airflow while drying long thick hair, 1 narrow for polished finishes plus a deep-bowl diffuser for natural curly & wavy hair.

You’re going to love the 10 foot cord, and the 2 heat and speed settings – after comparing my regular hair dryer and my New Sam Villa I understand that not all hair dryers are created equal.

The health of your hair is important, preserving hair color, cuts are easy to maintain when you’re using the right beauty tools at home or while away on vacation.

Investing in quality haircare tools is necessary for the health of your hair – the E-T-C Light Professional Ionic Hair Dryer 

by Sam Villa is Citygirl recommended!



For a Certified Redken Salon in San Francisco

Carmichael Salon & Color Bar

166 Geary Street, 5th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94108

415-409-2353  ask for Rebekah







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