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Beauty Bargain: Pefecting Clay Mask by Clarisea

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Beauty Bargain: Pefecting Clay Mask by Clarisea

After all the excesses of the holidays in December, I paid a tremendous price in January. My poor face especially had broken out in a big, bad way (I’m blocking out awful flashbacks of being 17 again…).

Meanwhile, I’ve been utilizing Sea Salt Solutions Perfecting Clay Mask by Clarisea to help remedy the outside damage and it’s seriously done wonders for my face, banishing the blemishes and bringing it back to normal.

My new go-to mask is effective, and just as important, gentle enough to use several times a week. It contains therapeutic kaolin clay that helps to eliminate excess facial oil and I like how my face felt clean but still supple after using it (A pet peeve of mine are masks that work a little too hard at eliminating oil… so much that it ends up drying out my face and creating a worse breakout).

Bottom line: my pores looked more manageable and my face noticeably clearer within the week.

What is especially unique about Clarisea compared to other masks I’ve used, is that their products contain a special blend of two salts that hail from different locales. Alison Ruth, founder of Clarisea, suffered from acne and realized on a coastal trip that her soaks in the ocean were clearing it up and the rest… is history.

Clarisea Sea Salt Solutions Perfecting Clay Mask- Love it!

P.S. Being a California girl (with a mom from Hawaii), I can vouch for the healing properties of the ocean!

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