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Beauty Q & A: Jenn “Genevieve” Schultz (Part Two)

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Beauty Q & A: Jenn “Genevieve” Schultz (Part Two)

Yesterday’s article revealed some awesome winter skin tips from  Jenn “Genevieve” Schultz,  a very knowledgeable and personable esthetician.  Since I’ve talked to Jenn, I’ve followed her suggestions and noticed that my skin is less dry and flaky this winter (even in single digit temps)!  I really like her philosophy on skin care and asked her a few more questions about when to start skin care with little ones and what her favorite product is.

My next question for you:  My daughter is going to be eleven… Is it too early to start her on a skin care routine?  And how should she care for her skin?

I think you are never too young to understand that you have to wash your skin daily, especially your face, and that you wash at least once a day.  It’s never too late to say, “We use a washcloth and water” to splash your face and wake up.  It’s refreshing and it becomes a morning ritual.

At nighttime, I call it “Removing the Day” for all of us.  Before we go to bed and make our bodies rest and restore for the next day, because tomorrow’s a new day, we’re going to remove this day…

I like that!

Never say that you’re too young…I don’t care if you’re two or twelve.  It’s important to wash your face morning and night, like it is for any of us.

And I like using the word “ritual”; I stole this from Aveda.  I love that they use the word ritual, because when do many of us take time in our American culture to take time for ourselves?  It’s something we can do for ourselves.

Close the door when you wash your face, have really nice lighting or light a candle and say, “This is my time and I’m going to take care of my skin and be alone for two minutes.”

What is the biggest no-no that women do to their skin?

The biggest would be, I think personally has to do a lot with makeup… Not removing makeup at night and not washing our makeup tools.  My suggestion is to use a gentle baby shampoo once a month.  There are some makeup companies… I’m just going to drop a name right now because I’m familiar with it and I use it myself: GloMinerals and there’s also the sister brand, Mineral Fusion.

I recommend spraying your brushes daily after every application.  Just keep a roll of paper towels in the bathroom, spray the solution on the bristles and wipe them on the paper towels until the pigment comes out.  Have a cup in your bathroom, have them (the brushes) stored… so they can air dry, and they’re good to go the next day.

Another suggestion is there are cleansers out there on the market that don’t require water.  The brand that I use and carry is Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser and you can actually use it with a tissue.  So if  you have it at your bedside, just get that makeup off!  As a worse case scenario you can just lay in bed, use a small amount and tissue off.  It doesn’t even require water.

So there’s no excuse?

There’s no excuse… There’s really not!

What are your favorite go-to products?  I’m sure you have a lot of favorites, but if you could choose one, what would it be?

Toner.  Hydration toner; not a toner intended for astringent purposes, meaning to soak up oil or with alcohol in it…Something with hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that can bind up to a 1000 times its own weight in water so it seals moisture in.  I like using these toners especially going into the winter time… Toning is something you can do throughout the day and a lot of times will not interrupt your makeup application.

I’ll give you two brands: Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist and the other brand is GloMinerals Hydration Mist.

Are both of these products natural-based?

Yes, they have essential oils and they will be water-based and won’t contain synthetic oils in them.

Also for travel, if you’re on a long flight or you’re in a car… Tone, tone, tone!  It’s also important to tone when you work at a hospital, people who work outside or drive a lot.  Even in the office, when the heat is barreling in the wintertime,  just spray-tone your face 5 times a day.  Your skin is going to love it!

I tone in between my clients and a lot of times people will say, “Your skin looks really dewy.”

Thank you, I learned so much… I was really surprised by a lot of the information!

My pleasure!

We don’t realize that this is the same skin we’ve always had.  Yes, we’ve sloughed and sloughed dead skin, but it’s always renewing… I would say it’s never too late to start taking care of your skin.  I don’t care if you’re 75 or 25.  It’s rhythmic, it’s constant… It’s not going away.

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