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Beauty Q & A: Winter Skin Tips with Jenn “Genevieve” Schultz (Part 1)

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Beauty Q & A: Winter Skin Tips with Jenn “Genevieve” Schultz (Part 1)

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Jenn “Genevieve” Schultz, esthetician since 2002, professional skin therapist and owner of Bare Esthetique for 2 years in Madison, Wisconsin.

Jenn offers a multitude of services at Bare Esthetique including skin care, skin analysis, makeup application, manicures, pedicures and waxing.  She’s Aveda trained, worked in the film industry applying makeup (She once did Katherine Heigl’s makeup!), and has aspirations to start her own Esthetician Training School in the near future.

Jenn was kind enough to sit down with myself (and my mum!) and she graciously shared her plethora of knowledge about skin care with us.   We had a lot of fun discussing everything under the sun related to skin care do’s and don’ts, the cultural influence on beauty,  her philosophy on skin care and how she’d like to influence the world of skin care professionals.

Here is part of our conversation that day:

Jenn, can you tell me a little bit about your philosophy?

My training was at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis and we were taught about Comprehension of Totality and the 5 Different Constitutions.  It’s taking into consideration not only the skin under your magnifying lamp, but really assessing the person when they come in.

I became passionate about starting my own business because I really didn’t want to become a spa therapist or esthetician that you get a spa facial from once a month because you’re treating yourself.  I wanted to be available to work with people one on one about reaching goals and trying to understand what’s going on with their skin, and be a support for people.

I really try to have anyone who comes to see me feeling better about themselves than when they came in, even if they’re coming in for an eyebrow wax, manicure, leg wax or a facial.  The intent is that this time wasn’t wasted today and that person looked forward to that time doing something that made them feel better about themselves.  Their skin feels better.

How should skin care routine change from summer to fall/winter?I’ll give you a couple of tips regarding how to care for the skin on the face and on the body in the winter.  I know we get cold in the winter, especially in the Midwest!  Do not use scalding hot water!  If you want to have a hot, steamy experience run the water for two minutes on super-blasting hot before you get in the shower so you get the steam.  Don’t apply hot water to your skin, it sucks moisture out and something that is too hot is going to trigger a constricting response and could create inflammation within the body.  We don’t want to do that!

Turn the water to a tepid, not cold temperature, and if you’re really brave, hit yourself with some cold water at the end and close the follicles up.  Then gently towel dry, apply your moisturizer on top and allow your body to absorb it.

I also like to use a body moisturizer that uses an alpha-hydroxy acid for the wintertime, so throughout the day your skin will slough and you don’t have to do such heavy exfoliation during the wintertime.  I just put a thin layer on my entire body, let it absorb, and by the time I brush my teeth and my hair, it’s time to get dressed and I’m not greasy.  I use Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream with alpha-hydroxy….It’s amaaaaaazing!

A great way to exfoliate in the wintertime and heat up your body is to do a dry exfoliation like dry brushing.  I like to purchase exfoliation gloves at Target or Walgreens; they’re a little more abrasive than a washcloth.  You use them dry before getting into the shower on the elbows, wrists, knees… It doesn’t have to be heavy scratching; move gently (starting away from the center of your body and work) towards your heart.  It’s detoxifying and helps to circulate blood.  It will heat you up like that (snap!).

Thanks Jenn!  Check in tomorrow when My Life in Beauty continues the skin care conversation with Jenn Schultz; you won’t want to miss it!  She’ll be sharing her favorite products and confiding what the biggest sin women commit to their skin is!

Bare Esthetique

715 Hill Street, Suite 160

Madison, Wisconsin 53705


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