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The Fountain of Youth – In Jars! Clinica by IVO PITANGUY

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The Fountain of Youth – In Jars! Clinica by IVO PITANGUY

Gisele Bundchen isn’t the only beautiful export from Brazil, another famous import entering the United States is Clinica by IVO PITANGUY, a skincare collection that gives back youth to premature aging skin.

Dr. IVO PITANGUY is a world-famous plastic surgeon who gives his talent selflessly to thousands of people in need of corrective plastic surgery – while  treating some of the worlds most famous faces.

Recently I was introduced to a few pieces from the Clinica skincare collection and what I experienced was perfection – my skin was instantly firmer, tighter and dare I say perfect? I’ll let those of you that see me next be the judge.

The lightening serum instantly brightens the skin, fading away dark spots, in my case hyperigmentation scars.  What impressed me the most was the instant lifting effects of both the Neck Lifting Formula and the Instant Lifting Cure – your skin will become firmer, smoother and tighter giving the skin a natural lifting effect.

Key Ingredients:

Organic silicium, perfectly bioavailable, is vital to the regeneration of skin tissue. It stimulates cellular metabolism and has a restructuring, reparative action.

 Vitamin E, an antioxidant that is continually released by nanospheres, provides prolonged, long-lasting protection.

 The numerous plant extracts, essential nutrients and other vitamins and minerals each bring their own special qualities and optimise the overall effectiveness of each different formula.

In my experiences with skincare I learned that it is best to start with preventive measures when you’re in your twenties, and Clinica by IVO PITANGUY is the perfect skincare collection that will help prevent the use of plastic surgery in the future – however a few nips and tucks never hurt anyone.

If you’re after the fountain of youth, then you’ve found it with Clinica by IVO PITANGUY.

This is one Citygirl with dare I say, perfect skin?

Neiman Marcus

150 Stockton Street

San Francisco, CA 94108

(415) 362-3900 ask for Mitzi Manzano

or @ClinicabyIVOPITANGUY

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