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New AmorePacific Contour Lift Extreme

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New AmorePacific Contour Lift Extreme

Trying new skincare can be a little intimidating, questions like will it break me out and how soon before I see a difference will come to mind, especially if it’s a brand we’re unfamiliar with.  Skincare is also expensive and most of us have drawer fulls of skincare sold to us by sales people more concerned with their commission than our needs.

I’m going to admit it, I’m skeptical trying skincare sold in luxury department stores, why you may ask, because one it’s not recommended by leading dermatologists and two it’s usually not clinically proven to deliver results.

With that being said I bravely tested Amorepacific’s Contour Lift Cream and was pleased with the noticeable results.  My skin was firmer and radiant overnight –

Amorepacific developed a New age-fighting collection that instantly firms and tightens the skin, redefining our facial contours and youthfulness.  The main ingredients are indigenous Asian Botanicals, Green Tea Caffeine, Red Gingseng, Bamboo Sap, Matsutake Mushrooms and Amorepacific’s Patented Derma-Filling Complex.

The Derma-Filling Complex firms, fortifies, and fills in wrinkles while lifting the skin and correcting sagging skin caused by neglect.  From the first application the skin will have a boost of radiance and take on a naturally lifted look.

The Contour Lift Extreme Cream promotes long-term regeneration of slackened skin, and stimulates collagen production.

Contour Lift Extreme Eye $150

Contour Lift Extreme Cream $180

Contour Lift Extreme Serum $200

This is a collection that repairs damaged skin that has lost it’s youthful glow.  The results are firmer more radiant skin on contact.

AmorePacific’s Contour Lift Extreme Collection is Citygirl approved!

Neiman Marcus

150 Stockton Street

San Francisco, CA 94108


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