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Beauty Splurge: DermaMinerals Breathable Coverage Mineral Foundation

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Beauty Splurge: DermaMinerals Breathable Coverage Mineral Foundation

Let me start this one, which is on DermaMinerals Breathable Coverage Mineral Foundation, by impressively listing off all the “icky” ingredients it doesn’t have:
1. Parabens
2. Talc
3. Synthetic Dye
4. Bismuth Oxychloride
5. Oil

If you are on a quest to find a mineral makeup that is truly suitable for sensitive skin, DermaMinerals Breathable Coverage Foundation with SPF 30, is a perfect choice.

Dermaminerals is everything you’d expect and hope a mineral foundation would be:  non-comedogenic, pure, lightweight, and natural, while providing a flawless, matte finish.  But there’s so much more to love about this foundation…

For starters it’s water-resistant and although I haven’t had the opportunity to dip in a body of water recently, I can vouch that it’s stayed-put most impressively through dance, running, and work-out sessions.  As I applied it with a foundation brush (for even application),  I took note of its natural, blendable formula and how it felt very light, and yes,  breathable!   Since using the foundation,  I’ve had nary a breakout or irritation on my face.

And just in case you are curious about some of the “good-for-you” elements are in the foundation, here they are:

It contains SPF 30 ingredients like Zinc Oxide to give you protection from the winter sun (yes, you still need protection in the winter!), Chamomile and Green Tea (anti-inflammatory properties), Archipelago Sea Minerals, anti-oxidant Vitamin C and Kombucha, which calms skin, heals, and smooths fine lines.

DermaMinerals Breathable Coverage is a splurge, but there is so much to love about this foundation.   It’s fantastic performance makes it a definite keeper!!


P.S.  Did I mention that it DermaMinerals Mineral Foundation comes in 10 different shades (cool, warm, neutral) and it is super easy to find your exact shade?  Hooray, no more guesswork!

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