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Transforming Your Skin Overnight – The Serum by EVIDENS De Beaute

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Transforming Your Skin Overnight – The Serum by EVIDENS De Beaute

Everyone loves a good love story, especially when the story includes a skincare collection that delivers beautiful skin on contact.  EviDens De Beaute is created using the finest ingredients  from Japan and lot’s of LOVE.

Flipping through my favorite beauty magazines I knew that EviDens De Beaute was a special skincare collection, not only is the packing gorgeous, but the product inside these beautiful bottles delivers radiant, healthy and gorgeous skin.

Key Ingredients:

QAI Complex is  Triple Collagen, targeting the three different layers of the skin.

Micro – Penetrates deep into the skin, encouraging cellular regeneration.

Medium – Sealing and capturing water, giving the skin a huge dose of hydration.

Macro – Hydrating the outer surface by creating a protective barrier of pure moisture.

Co-Enzyme Q10 – A powerful anti-free radical and regenerator.

Amino Acids – Long Lasting Moisturizing effect.

Morus Alba – A glow activator that evens out skin tone, minimizing dark spots.

I don’t always wake up with glowing skin, I tend to sometimes over mask or use a safe at home peel and forget to hydrate properly. My results are lack-luster skin.  How did I get my glow back on track? I gave myself a facial, and applied The Serum by EviDens – my results? I got my glow back after one application.

The Serum is known as The Serum of Youth, in my case The Beauty Serum, restoring my dull, parched and dehydrated skin back to health.

The precious liquid melts into the skin, infusing it with nutrients the skin needs to come back to life, to a more youthful looking state.

The Serum can be applied underneath other night treatments for optimal results – the results are pure gorgeousness.

EviDens, a testament to LOVE and evidence to healthy glowing skin.

The Serum is a Citygirl favorite!









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