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Going For Gold – New Reformulated WW Cream by 3LAB

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Going For Gold – New Reformulated WW Cream by 3LAB

Finding skincare that performs and delivers amazing skin is not an easy task, trial and error happens before finding the products that transform dull, and tired looking skin.  Not with 3LAB.

3LAB recently went back to the lab to perfect the perfect face cream that treats facials lines, wrinkles, sagging and uneven skin tone, here’s looking at Jennifer Lopez.

Key Ingredients:
1. SYNERGISTIC BLEND OF STEM CELL ACTIVATORS – Unique blend of revolutionary anti-aging actives based on plant stem cells and bio-engineered growth hormone-like protein: effectively rejuvenates skin by regenerating skin cells, protecting skin from UV-radiation and repairing the aged skin.

2. Lumiskin — stabilizes tyrosinase in its inactive form thus preventing age spots and giving skin a more even-toned, radiant complexion

3. Keratoplast — increases skin protective properties with keratoplastic activity(normalizing skin cell growth); effective in the treatment of couperose skin (skin with broken capillaries)

4. Emblica WS — emblica fruit extract that is an effective skin lightener with anti-aging benefits substantiated by several clinical trials

5. Arbutin — a skin-lightening agent derived from bearberry extract that inhibits tyrosinase and thus prevents the formation of melanin

6. Belides — a skin-lightening agent derived from daisy flowers provides even pigmentation against age spots, pigmentation disorders and freckles, as well as general skin-lightening activity

7. Collagenon — a precursor of collagen characterized by the presence of the amino acid sequences existing in collagen; its low molecular weight peptides help the formation of new collagen

8. Dermonectin — peptide that helps to increase skin firmness and resiliency/skin elasticity.

9. Golden Collagenine —peptide that is nanoconjugated to gold particles that has a remarkable effect on the collagen outgrowth.

Using WW Cream skin becomes firmer, hydrated, soft and supple.  Nothing like applying one moisturizing night treatment that transforms dull skin into radiant beautiful skin.

If you’re a fan of the WW Cream, you’re going to love the new and improved benefits .

3LAB invites you to visit the 3LAB counter at Barneys for a skincare consultation and walk away with skincare samples suited for your skin type.

Once you’re ready to purchase the pieces you know you can’t live without, call and schedule your complimentary 3LAB facial.

3LAB celebrity tested and Citygirl approved!


Barneys New York

77 O’Farrell Street

San Francisco, CA 94102 or @3LAB

(415) 268-3500 ask for Justin
* Complimentary Facials are a Gift with Purchase



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