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For Healthy Color Treated Hair – New Klorane with Pomegranate

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For Healthy Color Treated Hair –  New Klorane with Pomegranate

Are you compelled to wash your color treated hair on a daily basis? I know I am, I’m always looking for a shampoo and conditioner that will help preserve my hair color.   The saying is that color treated hair is like cashmere, you’re not supposed to wash it on a daily basis, especially with soap.

Enter Klorane with their New haircare collection with pomegranate.

*Benefits of  Pomegranate:

  • Prolongs and preserves the intensity and radiance of hair color
  • Gentle cleansing base won’t strip hair color
  • Sodium chloride and silicone free

Hair color is enhanced, and damage is reduced so hair is stronger and not weakened after color. Hair is noticeably healthier, softer and supple.

*About Pomegranate:

Grown in Morocco, where from its peel,  extract is obtain naturally,  rich in tannins  binding the color onto the keratin and preventing color from fading. The effectiveness of  pomegranate has been scientifically proven and patented: hair color lasts on average twice as long.

I love all Klorane products, formulated with natural ingredients that are not only good for you, but the environment too!

With the Pomegranate collection there is a leave-in hair treatment that protects your hair from the external factors, especially after color.

It’s important to give hair UV ray protection, and protection againts color-fading.  Hair stays lustrous and gorgeous!

Like all Klorane products, the scents are intoxicating, the results are amazing.

Klorane – affordable and quality haircare for all hair types  is Citygirl approved!



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