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Blushing with Jemma Kidd for Target

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Blushing with Jemma Kidd for Target

Jemma Kidd makeup is all about educating women on the art of makeup application.  Many women have been applying makeup incorrectly for years.  From attending makeup school, to tutorials online and on the packaging Jemma Kidd is here to help.

One of my favorite stores in the world is Target, you can find just about anything you need from skincare to makeup and everything in-between.

One  brand I love is Jemma Kidd’s  makeup collection.  You can find every colour under the rainbow, and the beauty is that it works with everything and everyone.

Fall is here and we have several exciting pieces that can stand alone or be worn together for effortless beauty.

One of my favorite pieces from the collections is the In Vogue Perfect Blush – available in Rodeo Drive, South Beach and 5th Avenue – I chose Rodeo Drive because I was drawn to the several shades of pink, each one unique and pretty.

The colours compliment all skin tones and destinations, going to South Beach? Time to get  glowing!

In Vogue Perfect Blush contains 4 shades of sheer buildable colour that can be mixed together or worn individually to high-light cheek bones, creating 5th Avenue perfection.

I love swirling the brush picking up the different shades of pigments that transform my skin from dull to cheery in seconds.

Let’s face it, on a cold and dreary day a few swipes of blush can brighen up your cheeks,  giving you a pop of colour for instant shades of glow.

This is one Citygirl with the perfect blush!








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