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New Skin Retouch – Photoshopping at Home with Talika

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New Skin Retouch – Photoshopping at Home with Talika

As we age our skin begins to lose its vitality, radiance and is no longer smooth and even toned.  Making the complexion seem older and exhausted.

SkinRetouch Face instantly corrects dull, tired and greyish skin by playing tricks with both natural and artificial light.  Skin becomes smoother and younger looking immediately.

There are more perks, fine lines and wrinkles are blurred, pores are minimized and skin is matified for a flawless makeup application.

You can wear skin retouch  alone over your favorite moisturizers or underneath your favorite foundation.

*Directions for use
1. Apply your usual skin care on cleansed skin.
2. Apply Skin Retouch Face all over the face, smoothing, like a foundation, from the center of the face outwards.
3. How to use it in combination with make-up:
– Liquid foundations must be applied before SkinRetouch Face.
– Powders must be applied on top of SkinRetouch Face.

With continued use skin overtime becomes brighter, smoother and glowing.

The results of using skin retouch are just like Photoshopping at home.

This is one Citygirl with smoother and brighter looking skin, isn’t it time yours was too?


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