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Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk by Klorane

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Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk by Klorane

There was once a day when I would have balked at the prospect of washing my hair every other day.  I’ve even heard of women washing their hair just once or twice within a week.

I’ve never held out for a whole week before, but I do know that shampooing my hair often will strip what oil I do have on the ends of my long, fine, color-treated hair making it drier and more brittle.  And I also know my scalp is way too oily to go too long before washing.  What to do?

I knew dry shampoo was the answer and been on the prowl for a really good dry shampoo for awhile.  None really met my expectations, until I found Klorane’s Extra-gentle dry shampoo with oat milk .

I noted that immediately,  my hair felt cleaner and less oily without weighing it down.  Hooray!  A few sprays of the dry shampoo on my scalp near the part and the sides of my temples was all that was needed to last all day.  I was pleased that the super fine mist left no white residue and I loved the fresh, clean floral scent that didn’t compete with my perfume!

Dry Shampoo by Klorane makes this girl happy.  It’s a powerhorse that works hard, yet is gentle.  On those days I need freshening up while traveling, camping, in between workouts, and use on busy mornings Klorane will definitely be my go-to-product! 

Available at, $18

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