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Natural Hand and Body Lotion by One

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Natural Hand and Body Lotion by One

I am in love with One’s Natural Hand and Body Lotion!

It all started after I spotted One’s lotions in a beauty must-have list in InStyle magazine, I decided to mosey on over to Target and see what all the fuss was about.  In front of me were four equally tempting choices: Cloud 9, Citrus-spice, Vanilla Almond Custard and Movie Star Skin.  I ended up grabbing Cloud 9 on a whim,  and I’m glad I did because I ended up loving its subtle smell.  Imagine  a cross between fresh laundry hanging on a clothesline and that clean, soapy smell after a bath.

For the test, I slathered the lotion on my hands,  and all I can say is that it lived up to its name…literally.  It was simply heavenly!  The silky texture of the lotion absorbed into my skin right away within seconds.  But the most surprising thing about the lotion was that it continued to feel silky long after I used it.  Two hours after I applied it, it still felt as if my hands just came from a spa treatment!

One’s Natural Hand and Body Lotion is a dream, wrapped up in smart packaging by an environmentally-responsible company.  I’ll definitely be back for more.  This girl gives One’s Cloud Nine Lotion a big two thumbs up!

Available at Target, $10

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