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3 Products to Keep Your Feet Cool, Clean and Comfortable all Summer

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3 Products to Keep Your Feet Cool, Clean and Comfortable all Summer

If you are anything like me, you start to pack away all of your fall/winter footwear as soon as the temperature reaches high enough to go outside without a jacket on. If you are nodding your head in agreement with that, you most likely have already started to bring all of your summer sandals out of hibernation and may already be trying to incorporate flip flops into your daily wardrobe. If both of those statements are true for you, than I can bet that you are already getting tired of dealing with the troubles that always ensue when you wear flip-flops all day: dirty feet, odor, and dry heels.

Picture this: you just got a pedicure and a brand new pair of sandals to wear to your friend’s graduation party. You’re feeling pretty cute when you arrive, but a few hours and a couple of backyard games later and your feet are looking pretty disgusting. Well thanks to me (and Jamar Labs) you will not have to deal with this dirty dilemma for very long. Clean up your dirty feet quickly with Jamar Labs Wipe Your Feet Wipes ($7.95 for 30 pack, These wipes are a serious lifesaver. Not only do they keep your feet clean and refreshed, but they also hydrate cuticles, smooth and moisturize skin, and completely deodorize your feet. Thanks to the refreshing scent of eucalyptus and the natural cooling properties of menthol, you won’t have to worry about the yucky smell or the discomfort that can often accompany a sweat+dirt+sandals combination. Plus you can use these wipes on your hands, arms, and legs as well and since they come in a travel-friendly package, cleaning up in a pinch is a piece of cake.

Although sandals let your feet breathe a little more than boots and winter flats do, they still can trap sweat and dirt, which doesn’t exactly lead to a pleasant-smelling situation. Summer-time flats and boat shoes are even worse because they don’t really let your feet breathe and since you are most likely wearing them without socks the odor problem is increased tenfold. Thankfully Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray ($9, is here to save the day. This spray is perfect for on-the-go refreshing. It delivers odor-killing tea tree oil which freshens and cools your feet quickly while it deodorizes.

A long day on your feet is tiring enough, but if you are wearing sandals all day it can be even worse. When your feet are tired and sore, there isn’t anything better than coming home and smoothing on some cooling foot lotion. The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion ($16, is perfect for summer thanks to Community Trade peppermint oil, which delivers a cooling sensation to tired toes, leaving feet feeling refreshed and odor-free. Menthol also helps to leave your feet feeling pampered and total fresh. The lotion’s skin-smoothing ingredients make this foot cream a triple threat by helping to combat dry, cracked heels that often result from wearing flip flops all day.

Well now that you know my 3 favorite products that are guaranteed to keep your tootsies happy all summer long, I think you should go buy that cute new pair of sandals you have been eying all week. After all, your pretty pre-summer pedicure deserves a nice place to be displayed on.

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