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Achieving Gorgeous Eyes

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Achieving Gorgeous Eyes

I am always in awe of women that take the time to apply eye makeup, especially on weekends.  I’m going to admit I’m a little inept with my eye makeup application skills and I’m always looking for eye makeup tips that make the task less intimidating.

This is what I learned from the Pro’s:

1. Always use a shadow primer – this helps smooth the skin and keeps the pigments from settling into fine lines and creases. Three really great eye shadow primers are from Senna Cosmetics, iT Cosmetics and beingTrue.

2. Use shadows in shimmering neutrals – They reflect the light and brighten your eyes , remember light to dark and start from the inner corners of your eyes. I love Le Metier De Beaute’s New Penelope Kaleidoscope Eye Kit – the black emerald is to die for!

3. Drawing attention away from drooping lids –  Starting your eyeliner above the pupil, and not the inner corner of your eye.

4. Polished and groomed eyebrows – fill them in and professionally tweezed.

If you feel you need practice I suggest visiting your favorite makeup counter for a one on one tutorial, the cost is usually a 2 item purchase.

Hope these tips help!

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