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Bio-Enzyme Refining Complex by AmorePacific

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Bio-Enzyme Refining Complex by AmorePacific

AmorePacific is a skincare brand not many people know about and  recently introduced a revolutionary New Formula that regulates how our skin behaves on the inside and out.  Bio-Enzyme Refining Complex by AmorePacific is a treatment that manages our enzyme activity.  Our skin produces enzymes that are both good and bad for our skin and the Bio-Enzyme ensures that the right enzymes needed for our skin to glow come out to the surface.

Bio-Enzyme controls the production of 12 key enzymes that affect our skin during the aging process.  4 out of the 12 enzymes our skin produces are damaging, Bio-Enzyme prevents skin inflammation and premature aging.

Bio-Enzyme is a Refining Complex that polishes the skin overnight, the complexion is renewed, fresher looking and resilient to environmental factors.

Key Ingredients:

Papain – An Enzyme found in papaya, it helps dissolve dead skin cells and enhances the penetration of the formula into the skin.

Bamboo Sap – Helps to restore moisture balance to the complexion and loads the skin with amino acids, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.

I instantly noticed my skin texture, it was smoother.  My pores and fine lines were minimized and my complexion was clearer and brighter.

Bio-Enzyme is for all skin types, it should be used morning and night for clearer more radiant skin.  Bio-Enzyme is known as a Bio-Dermabrasion, it keeps the skin strong in the battle against time and environmental strain.

Bio-Enzyme by AmorePacific is Citygirl approved!


Neiman Marcus

150 Stockton Street

San Francisco, CA 94108



Photo Courtesy of AmorePacific

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