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Beauty in the City – with In Fiore by Julie Elliot

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Beauty in the City – with In Fiore by Julie Elliot

Discovering Beauty within the city limits is what makes San Francisco so appealing, we have culture, art, music, literature and great food – did I forget to mention great skincare?  We have that too.

Leading the pack is Julie Elliot from In Fiore – a skincare and bodycare brand that’s exotic, decadent and sublime.  I don’t know which I love more, the gorgeous bottles or the magical elixirs that bring beauty back to dull and dehydrated skin?

In Fiore skincare and bodycare products are restorative, infused with healing properties that deliver aromatic sensations – feeding the skin, mind, body and soul.

For the past several days I’ve been layering In Fiores Serums –

Nourrit – a serum that lifts the spirits of tired and dull skin, encourages new cell growth, heals the skin from the damaging rays of the sun, rejuvenates and diminishes wrinkles and tiny laugh lines.

Complexe de Fleur – heals damaged skin, encourages cell renewal, known as Liquid Gold among beauty insiders, gives the skin back its youthful radiant glow.

Pur – nourishes and revitalise the skin while aiding the skin in normalizing acne, improves elasticity, promotes cell regeneration while preventing new outbreaks.

All In Fiore products are created using old world apothecary traditions, each ingredient is carefully selected for beautiful healthy skin.

My skin absorbed the serums instantly, I immediately felt and saw a difference in my skin’s texture, it was smoother, brighter and took on a rosy youthful like glow.  I loved that my what could have been a bad breakout wasn’t, thanks to Pur -I love waking up with healthy looking skin.

In Fiore is home to fragrance, skincare and bodycare – restoring and bringing back radiance to the skin.

You’re going to enjoy the healing benefits that are combined with the raw flower elements that deliver a healthy dose of glow.

In Fiore is Citygirl approved!

For a one on one consultation, Julie and her staff are available by appointment only on Saturdays.

Mon – Fri 11am- 5pm

Parfumerie In Fiore
868 Post Street
San Francisco, Ca. 94109
T 415 928 5661
F 415 840 1726 or @InFiore


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