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A Touch of Modern Glamour – beingTrue

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A Touch of Modern Glamour – beingTrue

Why not accentuate the positive? Crushed Mineral Accents by beingTrue Cosmetics is a gorgeously loose pigment that can be applied as an eyeshadow or highlighter.beingTrue Cosmetics provides women from all age groups with modern, long-wearing pigments that are combined with anti-inflammatorie benefits. Talking about Double-Duty-Beauty! Not only is your skin going to look natural and pretty, but healthy too!

The silky texture allowed for easy blendabilty and soft shadows.  The highlighting effects are gorgeous, Crushed Mineral Accents for that touch of modern glamour that leaves your skin glowing from within.

beingTrue to your skin allows you to bring out your inner glow.  I love getting ready in the mornings and looking naturally pretty.

Crushed Mineral Accents by beingtrue are Citygirl approved!


Available in Solar and Astral

Spa Radiance

3011 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, Ca 94123

415-346-6281 or @beingtrue

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