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Bridal & Holiday Makeup with Maria Lee

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Bridal & Holiday Makeup with Maria Lee

Maria Lee is one of San Francisco’s best makeup artists and hair stylists, with a resume branching out from Bridal to everything in between.  Maria understands which cosmetics look the best in various lightening, feel the best and have long-term results for all-day beauty.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Maria at the beginning of my beauty endeavor and we finally had time to sit down and discuss makeup.  Read further to find out which questions potential brides should be asking and what they should be looking for in a makeup artist, also which makeup color pallet will work best for New Year’s Eve and as usual I had to ask about Red Lipstick.

Anita:  What should a potential bride be looking for in a makeup artist?

Maria:  Someone who knows how to listen and give the bride an enhancement on her
best features. The bride should feel comfortable and feel like herself
with the makeup on.

 Anita: Should the makeup be chosen depending on the time of year or hairstyle
of choice?

Maria: The makeup can be inspired by the time of year in addition to the style of
her dress and personal style.

Anita: What is your signature approach to bridal makeup application?

Maria: I ask lots and lots of questions to find out who my client is and what she
feels most comfortable with (in terms of emphasis on eyes or lips, liner
on the bottom or not, etc).

Anita: Your thoughts on teaching a potential bride to apply her own makeup
aka Kate Middleton?

 Maria:  I would teach a bride at least a few months to
several months prior to her wedding (depending on her knowledge and
skill level) just to make sure she has enough time to practice. I would
schedule a follow-up “test” to make sure she is doing the application

Anita:  Your version of the 5 minute makeup routine for the busy woman?

Maria: Even out complexion, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and gloss.

Anita: Holiday Makeup – your secret to a daytime smokey eye?

Maria: Use eyelid primer such as Laura Mercier eye basics, Nars lid primer or Urban Decay
Primer Potion. Line eyes close to lash line with waterproof aqua pencil
by Make Up For Ever and smudge with a smudge brush.

Anita: Beauty essentials always in your famous makeup kit?

Maria: Laura Mercier primer, Nars lid primer, Make Up For Ever waterproof eye pencils, gloss
from the line I’m creating: Maria Lee Makeup.

Anita: Beauty advice for the lazy girl?

Maria: Make sure your eyebrows are shaped properly since they frame the face. Emphasize either the eyes or lips.  Line the eyes, curl the lashes, apply mascara, throw some gloss on the lips. Or apply a prominent lip color and go easy on the eyes.

Anita: New Year’s Eve – a color pallet that works for most complexions?

Maria: Silvery or beige gray eye shadow, black eyeliner and mascara with either
a nude, rose or red lip.

Anita: Red Lipstick?

Maria: If you have the confidence to wear a red lipstick and
it suits your personality, then why not?

Anita: Thank you Maria, we learned a lot and look forward to future conversations.

For more information visit Maria Lee @MariaLeeMakeup

SF Studio

2074 Ellis St.

San Francisco, CA 94115


Makeup application is $100. Makeup lessons start at $250 for first 2 hours.

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